Who I Am

Tom Carnahan, Realtor®


Most real estate brokers learn the basics of the business over time, through trial and error. Tom Carnahan was blessed with the perfect mentor–his father, Joe Carnahan. The senior Carnahan established a small real estate company in 1946 in Burbank along with two friends, Bob Paul and Bill White. Over the years, Paul-White-Carnahan grew from one to 22 offices. By 1977 they employed over 400 agents and represented a major force in San Fernando Valley real estate.


Joe Carnahan’s success and dedication to basic principles initially attracted Tom to real estate, but once on his own he made an important decision. Sure, growth held the potential of bigger, faster rewards, but too often as a company grew clients became too removed, too distant. Tom decided his personality was best suited to closer, deeper, longer lasting relationships.


In 1988 Tom Carnahan became the youngest Realtor® to be elected president of what is now known as the 8,400 member Southland Regional Association of Realtors®, one of the nation’s largest local trade organizations serving the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys. In 2003 Tom was again elected president of the Southland Regional Association of Realtors®, becoming the first member to hold the top office twice.


Kinsley headshot

Kinsley Carnahan

Kinsley Carnahan is a third generation in the family business of real estate following in the footsteps of her father Tom Carnahan and her grandfather Joseph Carnahan, both legacies in the business. She knows first hand the meaning of customer service and prides herself in personal connection and return business and referrals from past clients.

Kinsley got her BA in advertising and marketing from Pepperdine University and uses her new age technology skills to ensure that each property gets exponential exposure. Kinsley is also involved in organized real estate, keeping her in the know with current real estate rules, regulations and trends to benefit her clients.